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martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

How To Avoid The Goverment Shutdown (SOLUTION)

The Senate has rejected the latest House proposal, which prompted the House to approve another spending plan that would remove the Obamacare individual mandate. The Senate also rejected that, which initiated this government shutdown.

There are 3.3 million government workers and more than 783,000 of them will sit at home and out of work since Friday. Not all government agencies submitted contingency plans.
You may be wondering if this government shutdown will affect Obamacare, and probably not.  Money from new taxes and fees is exactly what funds it, as well as from cost cuts to other programs like Medicare and other types of funding that would continue regardless if the government shuts down or not.

How To Benefit From The Government Shutdown

A loss of a job is nothing new to this world for anyone. We’ve either gone through it ourselves or know someone that has or both. This is exactly why I started working from home, and love working for myself. Besides that, I earn more income than I did while I was working for someone else and even though we all want to believe our job is “safe” because its with the government, it is not true.
Everyday people wonder and ask me, “Robert, what do you do for living?” Listen, the truth is Money is not everything, but it is Food, Shelter, and Freedom…whether we want to admit to that or not, especially in times like this where your income was just terminated but the bills/expenses are still there.
It’s pretty amazing and life transforming to know where I was only less than 2 years ago living in a basement apartment underneath a restaurant.
By the time you have read this post to its entirety, you will know the 5 Exact Things that helped me to go from barely being able to afford my rent and tens of thousands in debt to now earning a strong 5 figure monthly income.
Truth is, you cannot judge anyone. You see the regular guy or gal with a raggedy old t-shirt walk into a ferrari car dealership and might assume they don’t belong there when in reality they have enough money to buy out the entire dealership, if they wanted to. See, you no longer have to wear the suit and tie to make the big bucks…and its due to the incredible power of the internet! Some of those that work with Facebook or Apple are making more than those that had high professions with a huge clientele for decades.

How this will literally save you from the government shutdown

How To Avoid The Goverment Shutdown?, A friend of mine told me something interesting: The only thing that can defeat the system in anyway is FAITH, so you gotta be a DREAMER and make things happen with the power of your faith.


Here’s the bottom line, The Internet is here to stay…and you are either a part of it or not. This is one opportunity train you do not want to miss You don’t want to be someone living with regret knowing you had the opportunity and never acted on it.
Most people are only concerned with working the 9-5, till 65, and hoping they get a retirement package when they have done their time…..oh and try not to get fired in between all of that…and I feel for all of you that are suffering with this government shutdown.
I believe that if you want to live life to its fullest, then do it NOW. Success is a choice and I know that may sound like something that is ‘a lot easier than it sounds’ but if really believe and trust that is certainly is only a choice in our own mind that we need to make…your life will transform, just like mine did (well me and my wife of course).
I cannot stand having to live under someone else’s agenda. It’s just not in my blood, mind or heart, and I’m sure you can also understand why. At any moment, when living under someone else’s agenda changes, it affects you, just like the government changed their agenda, and now hundreds of thousands are out of a job because of the government shutdown. There is such a better way to live life and you deserve to live life on your agenda. Do the things you want to do, whenever you want to do them, with whomever you want to do them with. Not have to worry about you being terminated based on others decisions. You deserve to be able to take a week or two or three or heck even a full month off because you feel like it, and only have one boss in your life and that’s it (your wife that is). Kidding with truth to that as well.
So I started working online beginning of 2012…very recent. I went on this search for something to work from home because I knew there was something out there that was legitimate and I don’t have to work for another boss again. Let’s be real, there is a lot hype and people promising the world to you if you join a program, so on and so on. I was fortunate enough to have come across something right away that allowed me to make my first $20 online and I then knew there was truth and hope to have to work the way we are taught to our entire lives.
I had the family relatives that doubted me from day one and told me not to waste my time, it would not work and just get a “real” job. I kept going, I didn’t let anything stop me. I even had to love some relatives from a distance, which is part of the reason my wife Alley and I moved and now live here in Florida from NY (I do miss NY a lot but I love it here)…So anyway…
There were the times where I had my struggles in life and no true success comes without them. So when I came into the online industry and completed my first year earning $252, 656….everyone thought I must have gotten lucky….they said how the heck did he do that. He must have magical powers or something weird like that Well, you are in for a treat because I’m going to share my secret with you here and how exactly I made something that most would only dream of, especially within their first year to make happen. Let me share with you what made my transformation after years of struggle in my life to now making over $40,000 a month and becoming one of the top leaders in this profession.
This is only for those that are serious and really looking to make a difference not only in their own life but others as well. If you are inspired and/or resonate with my post and like to work together, then lets make it happen, you certainly deserve it. Please do keep in mind, this is not for everyone because I only look to align myself around others that want to live their life to their fullest potential and help others to do the same. I feel for all the people that have been affected by this government shutdown and so glad to be able to guide you never to have to go through something like this again.
See Ya At The Top

El Gobierno mas poderoso del mundo se quedo sin fondos. Babylon no te extrañe que pierdas todo en un día, Babylon te queda poco.